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Just 1 More Interview: Sameed's Views

Welcome to another installment of Just 1 More Interview!

Today I've got the owner of Sameed's View, your one stop shop for all things big screen. I had the pleasure of working with him a few years back and now he's on the fast track with a hit website, so welcome Sameed Siddiqi!

Jeff - Let's dive into who you are, what's a little bit of your backstory.

Sameed My name is Sameed Siddiqui. I live in Tulsa, OK. I was born in New York City and raised in Philadelphia. I am currently a junior in Northeastern State University. My degree is IT (business). My favorite movie is Jurassic Park. My genre in music is rap and Pakistani music. I am a big listener of Meek Mill, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Future and Coke Studios.I love sports and I am also a huge sports fan especially for teams like Philadelphia Eagles, Sixers, Houston Rockets and Astros

Jeff Before we go too far, Sameed's Views, let's talk about it; where did the inspiration come from?

Sameed - Sameed's Views is my review site for movies that I started in February 2016. It started off as a place where people could read the movies that I have watched and have a discussion about it. The inspiration came from my best friend from high school, Yash Bansal. Throughout my childhood, I would watch a lot of movies but I didn't have a lot of people to talk to about it because most people that I knew would watch Indian movies. I was not allowed to watch Indian movies during that time because of the content. When I arrived in high school, I met my best friend there and finally had someone to talk to about the movies I saw the past weekend or during the summer. Eventually, we both graduated from high school and are going through different colleges, but we still stay in contact by texting each other every day to talk about movies. He was the one who motivated me to start writing reviews, as people would read my reviews and could have discussions. Ever since then I have been writing reviews.

Jeff - How do you get motivated to do reviews or write for the site? Is it just a natural, "I gotta get this done" or is it more of a relaxed, "I've got this platform and get to share my opinions" type of thing? I always run into the "I want to share my thoughts, but do people really care about my viewpoints?"

Sameed - It is usually a mixture of both "I gotta get this done" and "I've got this platform and get to share my opinions." At times it is hard to write reviews after watching a movie. Sometimes its constant thinking "what was the plot of the movie" such as Annihilation or Arrival. Most of the time I want people to hear my opinion. As it leads to having a healthy conversation with each other. I usually do not think about what other people's viewpoints are because then it becomes the other persons response instead of my personal response when I am writing reviews. 

Jeff What movie did you find to be the easiest to write about? Are "bad" movies easier or "good" movies easier to write about for you?

Sameed - The most fun I had in writing a review was the review over Blade Runner. When Blade Runner: 2049 was about to get released I decided to watch the original one so I can understand the plot of the movie. Most people I talked to before watching the original said how "the movie is one of the best science-fiction movies you will have ever seen." And after watching the first 20 mins into the movie I was about to give up on it, because of how slow the movie started. However, I still continued to watch the movie and finished it. When I was writing my review I was still questioning "why is this considered as the best science-fiction movie of all time when I have all these un-answered questions?" Eventually, I will go back to Blade Runner again and try to understand the movie again. Sometimes, it is a bit for both scenarios, I had good movies that were really hard to write as it has a potential of spoiling the entire movie. Sometimes, I had bad movies that could be explained in three sentences which at times leads to writing even more in-depth analyses of the character's motivation.

Jeff - What is your favorite genre to watch and your favorite genre to review?

Sameed - My favorite type of movie to watch and review is science-fiction.

Jeff - And do you find it tougher to review or critique a movie that you like?

Sameed - Yes, it is harder to review a movie that I like because I could at times like the movie even more then I should. It was especially hard to write reviews over Jurassic Park as it is my favorite movie. 

Jeff - What is your ultimate vision for Sameed's Views? It appears the site is doing pretty well, nearly over 1,500 hits. Any video plans? Possibly seeing you on YouTube or Twitch?

Sameed - The ultimate vision for Sameed's Views is to be a well known website for movie reviews. Eventually, I will want to start a channel on YouTube and do collaborations with other YouTube movie reviewers such as Jeremy Jahns, Chris Stuckmann and Doug Walker. I would also want to pursue a career in film making and become either a director or a film writer.

Jeff - When you get in the director's chair, what type of movie would be your go to choice? Your dream genre to produce for?

SameedWhen I get to be a director, I would definitely be going for drama, as I have a lot of ideas of movies that I wish to make one day. For my dream genre, I would have to go with drama and science fiction.

Jeff - Well thank you for taking the time to chat with me and we'll have to do this again soon!