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Paris Games Week: The Last of Us II

Sony has been riding a massive wave of momentum since the early days of the PS4's hype train. And despite a lackluster launch of games, it quickly gained steam with the titles that began hitting roughly six months after launch with inFAMOUS: Second Son.

Of course some of them were ports as well, in fact the port of Last of Us has sold equally (if not more than) the original PS3 release. So there is no doubt in anyone's mind, that a sequel would happen. And for the last couple of years Sony has held on to the bombshell until E3 of last year. Where they blew the doors off the event center with the much desired encore.

With this year's E3 pacing the way for a new year of software, we were of course going to see more. But it was more of the same. Sony has addressed that with Paris Games Week. Releasing a much
needed update on the eagerly anticipated sequel.

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