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Andrew House Out as President and Global CEO of PlayStation

Sony has announced that President and Global CEO, Andrew House, is stepping down from his position and will eventually be leaving Sony after 27 years of work. He will be replaced by John Kodera, the Deputy President in charge of the PlayStation Network division within PlayStation. Of course, Andrew House will remain on as Chairman for the group until the end of the year to make sure there is as smooth a transition as possible.

This is sudden management shake-up at PlayStation, what does this mean for the rest of the PS4's lifecycle? Will it end sooner or will the new President and CEO try to push it further as he settles into his position? And what about the next PlayStation products? So many questions have popped up over this major shift. As one of our colleagues have pointed out, this could be a move by Sony to get the division better prepared for a more digital future. As Kodera was in charge of the growth and development of the PlayStation Network.

Kodera takes over right as the PlayStation brand is seeing a massive storm back to dominance, after a generation where they were dethroned and embarrassed following the launch of the PlayStation 3 in 2006 (which itself caused a MASSIVE management shake up at the time, still miss you Ken Kutaragi...). What Kodera does with the PS4 and PlayStation in general as it mounts record breaking performance will remain to be seen, but now is a great time to take over, because you would have to be a complete dolt to mess up the brand right now...hopefully that isn't me jinxing him...

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