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Sony Announces Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle

Sony has announced the first major bundle for the PS4 Pro system, packing Bungie's newest space epic, Destiny 2, in with a sleek looking Glacier White PlayStation 4 Pro w/1TB HHD and nifty matching DualShock 4 controller, .

Interesting that Sony didn't have this bundle announced at E3 a few weeks back, when the collective gaming world was expecting a response to Microsoft's Xbox One X announcements, but this could mean that Sony has a plan for handling their competition or Activision was holding out for a better deal from Sony until they saw what Microsoft's plans were. Needless to say, this will spice up the holiday offerings from Sony while continuing the partnership on Destiny between Activision/Sony.

Price comes in at $449 and is available for Pre-Order now through Amazon, GameStop and Best Buy.

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