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End Space Coming to PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR will be getting End Space on September 19th.

The game will feature quite a few PS4 Pro enhancements including:

  • 8xAA
  • Resolution Oversampling
  • Post-Processing Effects
  • High Resolution Textures
  • High Polygon Models
Snippet of information from the official press release down below. Go HERE for the full release.

Story Driven Single Player Campaign

    In a race to reach the distant, mysterious and resource-rich Tartarus Sector, the UTC has stretched its resources thin. Just as the UTC has almost cemented its foothold in the sector, the insurgent Tartarus Liberation Front has emerged, demanding autonomy for the Tartarus. Having infiltrated the UTC’s warp-gate network, the TLF has been using hit-and-run tactics to disrupt UTC supply lines and mining operations. These brazen raids have become increasingly frequent and now the TLF has its eyes set on acquiring the secrets of the Hyperluminal Drive.
The UTC’s top brass can’t ignore these attacks any longer – It’s time to bring order back to the Tartarus Sector. That’s where you come in, pilot. The UTC relies on a cadre of elite contract pilots to protect its interests across the galaxy, and as a promising new recruit you’re being sent to the Tartarus Sector.

   End Space for PlayStation VR features a mission story-driven campaign where you will fight the TLF insurgency in a variety battles and explore ever deeper into the Tartarus Sector.
You’ll be able to jump in the cockpit of your Minos on September 19th for a retail price of $19.99, and if you have PlayStation Plus you’ll get a special launch-week discount of 10%!

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