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No, Your Eyes Aren't Playing Tricks on You!

As the title indicates, you haven’t stumbled upon the wrong site. For the first time in several years, Just 1 More Level is undergoing (that’s right, there will be more, as coding and templates get ironed out) a major “remodel” of sorts. Briefly teased over on our Facebook page roughly a month ago.

Over the 6+ years in existence, Just 1 More Level has been a great avenue to voice gamer’s opinions on this hobby we love so much and I’ve had the privilege of being a part of the growth from day one.  And with the changes that we’ve made to the site, it should be easier than ever to find the information that you’re looking for and even have access to better tools to visit our publishing allies around the web.
J1ML has evolved into so much more than I could have ever dreamed. A successful YouTube channel, prominent Facebook page, highly anticipated podcasts and we’re not close to being done yet. With the “remodel” of Just 1 More Level, we’re looking to meld all of our assets together, under one roof; displaying the latest from our YouTube channel and other new features that we can’t announce just yet.

In the span of 6+ years, we’ve seen a huge outpouring of support which has pushed us above 100k views, averaging over 2200 views a month and even has put us into the homes and palms of people from around the world.

So let’s get into some stats:

  • ·         Enslaved by Child of Eden is the most read article on J1ML, with 1,361 individual readers.
  • ·         About the Blog is most view Page on the site with 388 views
  • ·         Facebook is our most referred URL with 1,651 unique clicks
  • ·         For all searches, Google is the top referring site with 2,041 searches
  • ·         The United States is our largest audience with 86,905 unique views, but Russia is a “close” second with 7,083 views
  • ·         Google Chrome is the browser most used to view J1ML content, with 79,585 users making up 70%
  • ·         Linux is also the most used Operating System by our fans, sitting at 49,130 users making up 48%. Windows comes in second place with 39,716

So from all of us at Just 1 More Level, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!!

And here’s to MANY more years to come!