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Sony Expects To Ship 20m PS4s

Look over there Sully, we found profits

The PlayStation 4 is still riding a tremendous amount of momentum following an incredible showing in 2015. The platform was able to dominate without a true "next-gen" experience for the first two years, but naughty Dog has delivered with their highly anticipiated release of Uncharted 4.

now with that being said, they are hoping that over to course of their new fiscal year to ship around 20 million more PS4s, driving demand for software (physical and digital) even higher. And they are also performing much better on the stock market, with Bank of America returning Sony as a whole back to buy status. If you remember not too long ago that several credit boards had dropped Sony to "Junk" status and told investors to steer clear of the Japanese electronics and entertainment giant.

For more information on the what Sony expects from the new fiscal year, just follow this link to our trusty numbers friendly site, here!

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