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Rainbow Six: Siege Troubles

Rainbow Six Siege is a weird kind of bad. Like, it's good. It's really good. When IT works, but it hedges its bet so heavily on the community that it can't help but suck. The servers are bad, matchmaking is terrible, the player base is incredibly hit and miss (mostly misses), and it fails to do it's job.
It has tutorial solo missions, so you can (somewhat) get an idea of what the operatives can do, but there is no way around it. This is an online focused game. 95% of it's content can't even be played (or viewed) unless you have an internet connection. And you could sit for 20 seconds to 10 minutes waiting for it's broken matchmaking system to work and even then, you're lucky if you even get a team of 4 (between the servers kicking out players for no apparent reason, players getting frustrated and leaving the matches) out of 5 slots and the game won't, absolutely won't, fill the empty spaces. So you'll spend more time in loopsided firefights than you will with a full team.
At first I thought it was my internet connection. Maybe it was purely on my end, maybe it was my setup that was hampering my enjoyment of the game. NOPE! As I've gained about 5 to 7 new PSN friends because of Siege, and they all have had problems.
Creating squads so we can play together, matchmaking in it's 2 online modes (Terrorist Hunt and Multiplayer [with 3 difficulty/skill based sets each]), players randomly getting kicked from the game...etc etc etc. The behind the scenes systems, don't function properly and has left me wanting to throw my controller through my TV, because I can't seem to go a full match (potential max of 5 rounds in Casual and 7 rounds in Ranked) with a full team. Whether winning or losing, and when I ask people why they left..."the game kicked me out" or "it said there was a server issue".
Now, this isn't a review of the game. This article comes from my frustration with Ubisoft with Rainbow Six Siege. An extensive beta was held, an entire year was added to the development of this title and it was being treated as a triple A release. Holiday shopping season even. And they still can't get this game to function properly.
And around the web I've seen and heard people say this is a "$60 free-to-play title" and at first I disagreed, but the more I played, the more I could see exactly what people were talking about. Pointless microtransactions are throughout the game. Sure the stuff you can buy with real money doesn't affect your game, but for a title that already asks for $60 and can't get it's core competencies under's pretty assholish to be asking for even more money on "customization" options.
*breathing slightly increased*
What worries me the most? Tom Clancy's The Division. A game that I'm super excited for, and can't wait to play...but is it going to suffer the same fate as Siege?