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Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 is Live this Week!

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The annual Awesome Games Done Quick week long marathon is live this week!  That means that some of the best speed runners in the world are donating their time and energy to try and get people to donate to the Prevent Cancer Foundation!  The week long schedule can be found in the link below and they are currently streaming on their website and on

The Awesome Games Done Quick (and their summer variant Summer Games Done Quick) have been able to raise over several hundred thousand dollars from each event to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  If you do feel like donating they have a lot of prize incentives including special runs through certain games; 2 player 1 controller for Super Metroid to name one, as well as material prizes.  By donating you will also have a short message you write get read aloud during the event.

While this is halfway through the week, some of the more highly known names in gaming are still coming up later in the week.  Super Mario Maker will be up today and should prove interesting.

Be sure to check them out and spread the word!  These guys do a great job and for a great cause!