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Star Wars Battlefront: I Find Your Lack of Chat Disturbing

After several scornful looks that quickly escalated to threats to life, limb, and eye sight, I have been forced to pull myself away from the Xbox One and EA's Star Wars Battlefront to write a thorough and non-biased review. First off, let me say that I am a huge Star Wars fan so being biased towards it is a thing I generally do. On the other hand, when it comes to Star Wars, I also am very strict. I grew up in an age when you spent two nights in a tent outside of a theater with other Star Wars fanatics to get the best seats in the theater for opening night. With all this being said, even though I am a huge Star Wars fan I feel that I can provide an honest in-depth review of this game

Let's start with the good. Star Wars Battlefront is probably the most beautifully rendered game I have ever laid my eyes on. The details in the graphics are amazing, breath-taking even. Finally there is a game that flexes the next gen graphics muscle that were intended for the available consoles. Dice (Battlefield) utilized amazing colors and textures to really submerge Battlefront players deeply into the Star Wars universe, whether on the snow covered mountains of Hoth or the jungle like forests on the moon of Endor. I found the gameplay immersive and encompassing. When I play a map on Tatooine, I feel that I am actually there. The weapon and card system is a creative way to customize your gameplay to suit your style. Dice, despite not throwing a campaign in the mix, gives players many different options to choose from in their multiplayer modes. Aerial fights, large map full scale battles, close quarter small map battles, and objective based game modes are all there. The ability to play as your favorite heroes (or villains) adds a unique element to the game that makes me feel like a kid on Christmas every time i see that hero token on the ground. The list of heroes for the Rebel side include Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo. The playable villains include Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Boba Fett. Each hero or villain have their own increased amount of health/ defense, abilities, and play style; find which one suits you best and start mowing through swaths of enemies. The available vehicles in the game give a fairly authentic feel to aerial battles in the game. It is important to note that in future planned expansions Dice plans on adding more maps, vehicles, weapons, and cards to the mix. The first map expansion drops on December 8th with The Battle of Jakku. Those who pre-ordered Battlefront will have early access to the map starting on December 1st. The first full expansion is expected in early 2016.

*sigh* And now for the bad. Some things I can overlook in a game, but some decisions made by developers invoke a full face-palm reflex. What are those things you ask? Well, for starters, developing a game that requires strategy (especially in modes like walker assault and supremacy), why would you not add a communication feature? Why?! That seems like a very large oversight to have the players rely on external communication via party chat to communicate within the game. As of now, the weapons seem extremely unbalanced. Range and damage statistics seem to have little value when choosing a weapon. Add this to the almost non-existent weapon recoil and you can be sniped with a scopeless rifle by an opponent from halfway across the map. Taking cover behind a rock or wall provides little cover as I have been shot and killed by laser bolts through them many times. The spawn system is horrendous. I was playing yesterday and spawned in a huddle of three opponents that were so close together I was unable to move. Needless to say, I was granted a quick death. Lack of a campaign mode and a non-existent variety of maps make for an almost repetitive gameplay experience.

Despite my complaints, I feel that Dice was very successful in developing a game that Star Wars fans and gamers alike can enjoy. Through patches and expansions, I believe that Battlefront can be a game that is played and talked about for years to come. I hope to see you all online and see you before you see me.

Overall Rating: 8.75/10.0