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Star Wars Battlefront Beta: Why the Hate?

I don't really understand all the hate I have been seeing on social media about the Star Wars Battlefront Beta. As a gamer that is lucky enough to get access to ANY beta, I am excited to play anything that comes my way before the game's actual launch date. Sure the SWB had issues, but that is what betas are for. I want to cover a few issues on both sides of the fence, positive and negative.


  • Except for the rebel facial features that seemed a little cartoony, I absolutely love the graphics the beta had to offer. The rendered snow, with the glimmering crystals was absolutely amazing. The reflection of Darth Vader's or Luke Skywalker's lightsaber off of the walls in the rebel base on Hoth brought tears to my eyes.
  • Depite the lack of content (as i said previously, it is a beta after all), I felt fully immersed. On both sides of the fight on Walker Assault, I felt as if I was in the battle of Hoth.
  • Playing as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader...really, do i need to embellish further? Finding the hero token and plowing through waves of enemies brought me a ridiculous amount of joy. When the game releases, supposedly, you will be able to play Boba Fett. Since Disney shelved the highly anticipated Boba Fett stand alone game title (I still get a little teary eyed thinking about it...give me a moment *sniffle*), I have been anxiously awaiting getting my hands on Boba Fett. Don't judge me...
  • There is no prone. Perhaps one of the most irritating ideas ever in a FPS. I can not stand playing a first person shooter where you cant go prone. I love sniping and this detracts a lot away from the ability to do so. In Dice's defense, they claim that they did not go with a prone option because they wanted to seriously limit sniping. With an inability to go prone and a cool down on the sniper rifle card, it makes it easier for the other team to flank and then flush out a sniper.
  • Walker Assault seemed terribly unbalanced. Dice admitted earlier today in a press release that they agree that the map is unbalanced. That being said, I believe once players get a little practice with the rebels, we see more of the vehicle destroying web unlocks, and in game player communication there will definitely be many more rebel wins. Communication was key. Each side requires a different strategy. On the Imperial side it is pretty easy...kill...everything...However, as a rebel, I noticed players were treating it like a COD team deathmatch. If more players would concentrate on the objectives it would not have been as much of an issue. I believe a lot of that will be rectified with in game communication.
  • No weapon recoil, no ammo count. I could probably let the ammo thing slide, but no recoil is a terrible idea. If you have the slightest amount of skill, you can snipe an opponent from ridiculous distance with a blaster pistol. There was more than once I was sniped from such a great distance with a blaster pistol that i could barely make out where the shot came from. That is a bit ridiculous.
Overall, I believe the beta was a success. I can not wait for the full version of the game and to see what the rest of the game has in store. Please, if you are lucky enough to get beta access to any game, keep in mind the game is still in the works. Play with an open mind and give constructive criticism to the publishers and creators. They put years of their lives into their work to bring you a product that they can only hope you enjoy. Give them the benefit of the doubt that the game will be finished at beta. *steps off of soapbox*