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Id was consulted on improving Fallout's combat.

Continuing their usual gift of player freedom, Bethesda wanted to make sure that Fallout 4 could be played in first or third person depending on your preference; they also wanted players to have the choice of V.A.T.S. or even not using it as a viable option.The goal was to be able to play the game how the player truly wants. Todd Howard spoke about much of Fallout 4 and stated that he didn't want to use the fact that its an RPG to excuse how the action feels. Bethesda wanted to layer the role playing onto it, saying that we can "Have our cake and Ice cream." Todd Howard also described how they were focusing on improving the combat over previous titles by bringing Id in to help. He stated "Since Id software is part of our company, the first thing we did was call them. Alright, we're going to do this from scratch, give us some tips."

Of the ideas and concepts that went into making Fallout 4, Bethesda wanted players to ask "Can I?" and be able to answer yes as often as possible. Additionally, one of the biggest differences that sets a game like this apart is that "The world ultimately becomes the main character of our games." Which is one of the biggest reasons player keep wanting to come back and experience what Bethesda has to offer.

November 10th is the day to go back into the wasteland.