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Gotta Catch 'Em All with Pokemon Go!

Dust off the old trainer badges and get that Ash hat out of the closet, Pokemon Go is coming to your smartphone! What is Pokemon Go you ask? Well, for all those would be trainers out there it takes Pokemon away from your DS and out into the real world! Through an app you will be able to collect, train, and battle your Pokemon in the real world. Im not joking. A soon to be downloadable app that uses  your favorite device's camera and a google pin/pokeball that pins to your clothing or is worn on the wrist brings the world of Pokemon to the city in which you live. The pin/wrist device (which I assume will be sold separately) vibrates in the real world to tell you to log on to the game if there is an important event around a Pokemon appearing! The device is said to be Bluetooth compatible with any any Android or Apple smartphone. Initial reports say that the app will be free to download and allow micro-transactions to enhance game play. The app creators, working closely with Nintendo's Pokemon Company, are remaining tight lipped on an official release date for the app. Stay tuned to J1ML for updates. One thing is for sure, I'm going to have to carry around a few more batteries for my smartphone.