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For Honor video shine the spotlight on The Samurai.

The new video from Ubisoft Montreal shows us the skills and tenacity of The Oni, one of the warriors the Samurai will have on the battlefield in For Honor. Trying to be true to history in many ways, The Oni will be skilled duelists with quickness and maneuverability on their side. They will carry the traditional weapon of the Samurai, the Katana, a long single edge sword made for slashing. Along with the Katana, the Oni will take the Kunai throwing dagger, a poisoned blade, and utilize a special ability that calls upon archers to rain arrows down upon your foes.

Coming as a bit of a surprise, we will see other warriors for the Samurai; this means every group will hopefully have a variety of warriors to choose from. Aside from giving players more freedom, the choice your team makes could alter the tactics and methods you employ.

No word on hopeful release dates yet, but we will happily keep you informed going forward.