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Fallout 4 letsMod tools launch in early 2016, Xbox One and PS4 hopeful some time after.

In a video from Bethesda,Todd Howard describes how user created content will be a driving force behind Fallout 4. Everything from the crafting system, to mods which will be on PC early next year will greatly add to what players can do. After the initial PC launch of mods, it will be coming to Xbox One and hopefully PS4 in the future as well.

The crafting system, which was described as the most advanced crafting system in a Bethesda game, looks to give players a nearly unlimited number of ways to turn everything into a weapon. All things in the game will have a purpose, nothing in the game will exist just to sell but it will all have a use when it comes to building weapons, armor, or something else.

November 10 is the day to wait for. Don't be surprised if a lot of people miss work that Tuesday.