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Dota 2 update brings new content.

Dota 2's update yesterday brought out a bit of new content for the game; most notably was the introduction of Dota Levels. This will essentially be a badge on your profile that shows off your accomplishments, experience, and events you've participated in. You will earn trophy points (obtained from trophies) that will, at 100 trophy points, turn into a Dota Level. The trophy values will vary, and there will be new trophies added in time as well.

Experience trophies will have their own leveling system and more points are awarded each time you play a match. There will also be a trophy for those who have earned points before the patch's implementation.

Perhaps some of the best news is that players who have already spent a great deal of time in Dota 2 won't be starting at the bottom. Expet your level to be based on trophies you already have.

The extra additions in the patch are a new Treasury, a preload of the Reborn Update, and a tournaments area in the watch section. All of this as continued work will keep the already strong community going and certainly build it up more.