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Fallout 4 won't have mods at launch.

In a recent interview, the vice president of Bethesda Softworks, Pete Hines, revealed that mods will not be available in Fallout 4 upon the November 10th release date. He stated that the focus of the development team is finishing the game. Mr. Hines also stated "Nobody cares about mods if the game sucks.".
This doesn't come as a large surprise when we consider that the creation kit for Skyrim wasn't available at launch either, but rather 3 months after. Currently, the creation kit isn't expected to be out until some time in 2016, but considering how late into this year Fallout 4 is releasing, this too is not a large surprise.
We can always keep up with any and all official announcements by getting them straight from the radioactive horse's mouth: Fallout 4.