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Backwards compatibility, DVR, and more from Microsoft at Gamescom.

 Microsoft talked about quite a few noteworthy things at Gamecom today. Some may end up being game changers, and others are just things to help them stay competitive in their fight against Sony. Microsoft seems to be doing the right thing by aiming right at the core of the market and trying to please the people that pushed them where they are today. 

Xbox One systems will start to see backwards compatibility this November. In addition to this, the Games with Gold that are available on Xbox 360 will be compatible with the Xbox One as well.

The Xbox One is in need of a easy to use QWERTY keyboard and it is finally getting one that will also have two programmable buttons. While we don't know the price or release date as of yet, Microsoft has started pre-orders.

Microsoft also showed off several new exclusive titles today. It would seem they are taking a much needed step to set themselves apart from Sony and give gamers a reason to buy their system.

One of the biggest features that was discussed was the DVR function that the Xbox One will have. Any over the Air TV program can be scheduled for recording and streamed or downloaded to any Windows 10 device. The most notable part of this is that it is subscription free. That is something that will make a massive difference when people are deciding on which system to buy.

Lastly, this November, we can look forward to a user interface upgrade powered by Windows 10. This means that Cortana will work with Xbox One so long as you have Kinect.