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Want to build your own house in Fallout 4? You have an insane level of options.

Giving us a new option that has never been presented on such a scale, Bethesda has put a crafting system into Fallout 4 that is almost unbelievable. 

Almost anything can be broken down into its base parts so those parts can be used to create something new.

The dynamic game engine allows everything to be broken down and rebuilt in real time.

Bethesda is pushing the player choice idea in a way that was completely unexpected. Almost everything in the game can be created by the player for the house they made.

Don't forget that your new place should include a house for your best friend.

You can construct trade posts as your settlement grows in size. The traders that may come will have some of the best items in the game.

To bring them into the fold, make sure to plant food and obtain water.

One of the most important things for your new home will be power. Aside from light, you connect turrets for defense, and even cosmetic lights that you control the color of. Anything to make your home stand out in the wasteland.

You need to build defenses to hold the line when raiders come knocking at your door. You can't expect to have a great home without someone wanting to take it.

Finally players have the option to make things that normally only the developers could make. You can actually carve out a piece of Boston to be your own.

There are many sites in the game world where you can build, so don't expect to be limited to just one home.

You can even run Brahmin caravans between your settlements.

Don't forget to have fun with all your optional freedom. That's the most important part.

Fallout 4 looks like it is going to be able to deliver on the promise of player choice and player freedom. I'm sure we will still be seeing crazy things coming from this years from now too.