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Tom Clancy's: The Division will bring sudden but inevitable betrayal. Play it March 8th 2016

In the online open world co-op experience, we get to see "The Dark Zone" in Manhattan.
This is the location where you will encounter what looks like high level enemies, better loot, and other players.

It may look desolate, but you are far from alone.

Don't forget there is a reason everything went bad.

Get ready for a fight.

You can fight them, or work with them. Which will it be?

Take the high ground for the tactical advantage.

Looting the stash of your fallen enemies is great.

There are some very high level enemies. Risk vs. Reward.

Can you hold out 90 seconds for extraction.

Will you choose to kill the strangers that you just fought next to?

Or will your friends choose to betray you?

March 8th 2016 release date with beta starting early next year.