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New Legend of Zelda Titles Coming to Nintendo 3DS!

Nintendo revealed during it's E3 Digital Event two new games coming to the Nintendo 3DS.  The first is a port of the recently released Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U called Hyrule Warriors Legends.  It will come with all the DLC characters from the Wii U version plus some new characters from The Wind Waker.  The two featured in the E3 trailer were Tetra and the King of the Red Lions.  It will be available in 2016.  Check out the trailer below! 

In addition to the Hyrule Warriors re-imagining Nintendo also unveiled a brand new game, Triforce Heroes.  Triforce Heroes is a new multiplayer cooperative game similar to the Four Swords games released on Game Boy and GameCube.  The game will feature a 3-player cooperative system used for problem solving and defeating the enemies in the game.  If playing offline there will be two "doll like" characters to assist.  The game will also feature a fashion system.  By changing clothes Links abilities will be changed.  This will allow a larger variety of strategy to the game.  For more details check out the E3 reveal trailer below!

For even more information be sure to check out the full Nintendo Digital Event.