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Fallout 4 took weapon and armor customization to a new level.

Fallout 4 is pushing boundaries with its level of customization. Most things can be broken down to get you what you need to make something new. While a big part of that is constructing a home, you have the choice of making each weapon something that is truly yours.

You can build your weapons attachments from just about anything.

You can take one of the 50 weapons in the game and modify it to be something completely new.

With over 700 modification options to the weapons, you could spend days trying them all.

Variety is the spice of life, and the spice must flow.

Plasma Sniper Rifle? Yes please!

It seems even the created weapons will be in the mix.

Time to mix and match on that power armor. It is definitely worth bringing in new pieces.

With the history Bethesda has, expect to see more content in the future as well. We all know they will keep giving us more and more.