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Fallout 4: Player freedom is number one

During the conference, Todd Howard told us that "Player freedom remains our absolute number one goal." We also found out that Fallout 4 uses a next generation version of their "Creation Engine" as well as featuring full physical based rendering and dynamic volumetric lighting. Essentially we know the game will look amazing, but his first quote is exactly what we want to hear. Players are ready for the kind of freedom they promise. Only time will tell just how much they are able to deliver. 

Looks like a much much prettier Fallout.

We also happen to have some blue skies and clouds. Maybe we can hope for some dynamic weather to bring us some rain. Hold the radiation please.

Second look at a new location: Sanctuary Hills.

Last time we saw this neighborhood, you lived there.

Your robot butler survived 200 years without you. That must be some battery he's got in there.

One dialogue option is in yellow text, I look forward to finding out the significance of such things.

In keeping with their focus on freedom of choice, we are no longer locked into dialogue with anyone. You can switch camera angles between first and third person so you can finally see your character talk with others. The best part is that we can just walk away if we want or just shoot people in the face mid conversation. This should create some rather fun scenarios in the future.