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Diablo 3 patch 2.3 details. New region, new features, and a better Horadric Cube.

 Blizzard gave a glimpse of some Diablo III's of the new features in patch 2.3.0, there is quite a bit to cover so lets jump right into the heart of it.

New Artifact: Kanai's Cube

          If you played Diablo 2, chances are you
          spent a fair amount of time with the
          Horadric Cube; Blizzard has announced
          that we will see the item from which it
          originated. This powerful new artifact,
          Kanai's Cube, will let us break down
          Legendary items and equip their special
          effects as a passive ability that is separate
          from your standard passives. Blizzard
           has stated that this artifact will have
          "incredible potential"; while they
          didn't expand much upon that as of
          yet, they have informed us that
          players will be able to convert
           crafting materials from one type to another.
          I'm sure players will find quickly
           a plethora of options with this new artifact.

New Region: Ruins of Sescheron
The Ruins of Sescheron will be the newest area to explore. Expect to find new enemies in this area that is rich with Barbarian lore.

Adventure Mode

This update will give players improved bounty rewards
 by adding act specific crafting materials to Horadric
 caches. In addition, the patch will include changes
designed to improve the pacing of adventure mode
 while still encouraging exploration of bounties across
 acts. Blizzard is removing the Realm of Trials, but
 we will see completion of bonus acts in adventure
 mode will grant a bonus to Horadric caches. Players will
 see the caches "stuffed crafting materials, gold, and
additional Act-specific crafting mats.".

.Updated Crafting System

Upon the 2.3.0 release, the crafting
system will see a bit of an overhaul.
The crafting materials used at the maximum
level will be available as you level
 up. They "crunched down" the total
number of crafting recipes thus making
the process "easier and more fluid"
as the results dynamically follow your
character level. This has been designed
to ensure that no matter your level or difficulty, your crafting doesn't go to waste.

New Feature: Season Journey

There will be a Season Journey interface that will allow you to track your progress through the season. Season Journey will be divided into major milestones which will be achievable by most of the players. Another divide will be Tiers which will be aimed at more advanced players. The most difficult will take effort from even the most advanced players.

Blizzard has also informed us that there will be new levels of difficulty, new legendary set items, and combat changes as well. Blizzard has released all the information on their site and will always keep players informed on upcoming changes to all their titles. For more look at Patch Preview on Blizzard's site.