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Bethesda Announces New Game for Mobile: Fallout Shelter. Out Now!

In a surprise announcement, Bethesda revealed a new free mobile game: Fallout Shelter. This is a game that allows you to create your own Vault and act as the Overseer.

It's your job to control the people within the vault and keep them happy. Fallout Shelter was inspired by games the developers at Bethesda have loved for the last 30 years.

Some of the games that inspired this are X-COM, Simcity, FTL, among others.

Each vault dweller has their own individual stats.

Every dweller can level up their stats as well.

You can customize their clothing and weapons, which they will need when they go out into the wasteland to obtain loot.

You will have a variety of rooms to build so that you can maintain both your vault and it's dwellers.

Be prepared for anything; from fires, to rad roach attacks, and even raiders attacking. You can't get lazy.

When you need more dwellers, you have to get them "the old fashioned way".

As the overseer, you get to choose the name of their offspring, so choose wisely... or don't. Why 
should I care?

Perhaps most importantly, the game is completely free. There are no pay wall timers, you won't need an internet connection, and when you build things it is instant. The only way money leaves your pocket is if you want to buy lunchboxes that have random loot in them.

Though the press conference only mentioned it would be on iOS, they made no mention of an android version. After the conference Pete Hines, the VP of Bethesda Softworks, confirmed via twitter that it is a timed exclusive.