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65,000+ & Growing

Just 1 More Level launched 5 years ago and in those 5 years this site has gone from only being written material, to including full featured Facebook, Twitter and YouTube integration. With Twitch and app development still a work in progress.

Oh course Jeff, known as Tridrakious round these parts...or Internet hard at work finding the best people to bring on board to help spearhead those works in progress.

Yes, we've added a wonderful team for app development on Google Play. More on that very very soon.

But the point of this article is to bring to light something amazing. Something that warms the abyss of my heart and tickles the soul. Readership, views, people actually paying attention to this platform has reached 65,000 and growing people.

Just 1 More Level is even more of a viable options for gamers out there and I'm so happy and excited to continue pushing forward, finding more new ways to entertain and provide the media you're all looking for.

J1MLNetwork has also seen viewership go through the roof, now we just need to work of subscribes...anywho, this is just a blurb that was created as a means to thank everyone that is supporting this platform.

Without you...well I'd still be doing this...but without you it wouldn't be as fun, as awesome and so much less worthwhile. So thank you. Everyone who has put up with the sportatic, random bullshit of this network. And here's to at least 5 more years.