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J1ML Network

Following this link here will grant you access to a growing network of videos.

Created by gamers, for gamers. Using whatever tech we can get our hands on. And developing shows and memories that hopefully last a lifetime.

Which is I'm happy to announced that Friday begins the filming of a brand new show that will air on J1ML. Led by the twice and only MeatLoaf, you know him from The Weekly Slice and this new show will be a complement to that greatly.

I'm continuing to foster and build a film team that will be ready to tackle various show concepts from a sitcom styled show to a newscasting show. As we continue to expand and branch out into new avenues. And, of course using PJ Gamers as the focal point of every meet up; in addition to also being the location for a couple of the new shows. As it is a central location for all things gaming.

Just 1 More Level is also looking for people that have a hand in acting and film/directorial positions. Plus equipment is very crucial to the work, so if you've got access to that, please bring it in.