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Biffinator's E3 wish list

     Anyone who describes themselves as a gamer know how big E3 is. It's that time of year where even the craziest and most unlikely announcements feel possible; the Christmas of the gaming industry so to speak. That being said I am no stranger to having my own set of games I desire to see revealed. As with any avid gamer I have a wish list of what I hope to see at E3, and I thought I'd share mine with everyone.  Remember, until E3 2014 is officially over we can treat these games as possibilities; no matter how unlikely they seem.  Below are the games I am hoping to see at this year’s Electronics Expo.

Banjo-Kazooie 3
Fan Artist wanted to believe... No matter how unlikely

     Banjo and Kazooie were top dogs in the N64 era.  The series brought so much fun, clever, quirky gameplay to the system.  All I could think after beating both games 100% was “I want more”.  I never would have imagined what was to come.  After bearing (pun not intended) the heartbreak of playing through Nuts & Bolts all I could think was “why, why did this have to happen”.  Now there were a few things I did like about Nuts & Bolts but overall I was sorely disappointed with the game.  What I, NO, what the world wanted, was Banjo-Threeie (Banjo-Tooie actually announces it as this name).  Banjo-Kazooie was about collecting things, platforming, learning new moves, and perhaps finding a jiggy in the process.  No one; well except the people at Rare I guess, thought it was about building vehicles and driving a goofy wagon around a map.  What I want is a true sequel to Banjo-Tooie, a game worthy of the name.  Will this happen? Probably not, then again with the state that Rare is in, it just might be possible.

Super Mario Sunshine 2

     Okay, okay.  Maybe we don’t need another full Sunshine game but there was just something about the GameCube’s only full Super Mario game that just left a desire for more.  The F.L.U.D.D.; the water spraying thingy on Mario’s back, added a different set of mechanics to the Mario platforming gameplay that just made getting from point A to B fun.  Being able to dash around the map via a super soaked slide was too good.  Maybe Nintendo could release a digital only game that has just a few levels to goof around on and test ones platforming prowess. 

Majora’s Mask 3DS
Take my money Nintendo, just take it!!
     I’m just going to say that I am pretty sure this one is a sure thing.  With the success of Ocarina of Time 3DS (it was a system seller after all), Nintendo would be foolish not to bring back OoT’s N64 brother.  Majora’s Mask was a funny addition to the series, not focusing on Zelda or Ganon but instead on a moon, and a town faced with imminent destruction.  I for one fell in love with Majora’s Mask (wedding pics coming soon) and will every once in a while boot up my copy of it just to roll around Termina Field as Goron Link.  While I had a few gripes with the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time, I was overall very happy with it and would love for Majora’s Mask to make a reappearance.  It would be even better if Nintendo released a Master Quest version of Majora’s Mask too, though that would probably be more work than they would want to devote.

A New Metroid Game

     If I have one disappointment with Metroid games it is that there haven’t been enough of them as of late!  During the GameCube and early Wii era we were treated with 2 gameboy advance games and 3 Prime games, talk about good times!  Metroid Other M was a break from Metroids traditional formula and while it had its own moments, bringing back the solid Metroid formula is what we need to see on Wii U or 3DS.  I would absolutely love another Prime, though with the popularity of the side scroller rising again perhaps something like that would awesome too.  Anyways, just give us a new Metroid game Nintendo!!

Final Fantasy XII HD

     While Final Fantasy X will always be my favorite of the series, Final Fantasy XII (FFXII) was an incredibly fun entry in the series.  Born the same year as the PS3, FFXII was a late bloomer on the Playstation 2 system that didn’t really get the time it deserved.  I tried my hardest to devote time to it, but with a PS2 nearing the end of its life (my ps2 crapped out on me that year) I barely finished the game.  Yet there was so much to do in FFXII, it was a huge game with bounties, side missions, weapons to craft, etc.  I felt my time with FFXII was cut short unfairly.  With the success (I feel like it was successful) of Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD, Square-Enix would have to hate money in order to not put FFXII on a PS3 disk in HD format.  Since they released an international version of the game that featured a revamped job system there is even more motivation to see this game rereleased.  Put it on Vita too!!!

Guacamelee Sequel (Or something similar)

     I freaking loved Guacamelee!!  This game had it all, the charm, humor, unique style, fun engaging combat, and a goat who grants your character new abilities (What? You don’t want powers from a goat? Weird…..).  The game was a throwback to the Metroidvania (this should be in the dictionary) style of games seen during the SNES era.  What I loved about Guacamelee was how it carried itself.  Sure the fate of the world was in the balance, yet Guacamelee never took itself too seriously (remember the goat we were talking about?); even the final boss had a couple jokes and clichĂ©s thrown in.  With all the emphasis on gloomy, no hope left, life ending struggle, chaotic war games out there it is nice to know there are still games that can tell an end of the world story and do so with an upbeat, fun atmosphere (phew…).  I guess what I am trying to say is Guacamelee stood out to me as being different; in a good way, and I would love to see more games like this in the future.

The Legend of Zelda (Wii U)
Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my face
     While I spent many a hours on Banjo-Kazooie and Super Mario 64, it was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time that sold me on gaming.  I burnt through 2 copies of that game and now own just about every reiteration that has surfaced (I haven’t bought it on virtual console yet, I know I’m horrible).  So it goes without saying that I want to see a new Zelda game at this year’s E3.  I enjoyed Skyward Sword but I have to say I am one of the people who didn’t care for the motion controls.  Perhaps I was just too finicky to get them to work right for me, but too many times I received damage because of an incorrect wiimote input.  At least give the option to choose between either a controller or wiimote in the next game.  Also, while I loved Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, I am ready for Nintendo to stop trying to outdo Ocarina of Time (is it even possible to outdo it? I don’t think it is) and go in a new direction.  Wind Waker and Majora’s Mask did and they were outstanding!  Nintendo has the ability to do so and if A Link Between Worlds is any indication of the future then I think the next console Zelda is going to make me a very very happy man.  Also, Legend of Zelda in HD!!!!

So there it is, what I want to see most out of this year’s E3.  Feel free to leave an opinion below on what you want to see or if you agree with me!  Until E3 is over, keep those fingers crossed!

*I do not own the pictures used in this article.  They were taken from various internet sites and if no author was named I have left it unnamed as well.*