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“So tell me about yourself…”

            Don’t you just hate it when someone says that to you?  I mean, where do you go from there?  Sure I could say that my name is Patrick, I’m 29, and I have a wife and kid that I love to death…most of the time, catch me on the right day and I’ll cut you a really good deal, an even better one if you take them both…I kid of course.

But where do you go from there?  We have all been there or will be there one day, in a job interview, and the guy says those dreaded words “Tell me about yourself.”  Tridrakious did exactly that to me this past week. “Introduce yourself on the blog,” he says, “tell everybody about yourself.”   Now, half of me wants to play it cool, you know, I'm just an average guy doing average things.  The other half of is screaming “No you idiot, this is your chance!  Tell them you are god’s gift to women, newbs tremble at your feet, tell them it rains women’s under garments as you walk down the street…at the very least tell them you’re really cool”

Well anyway, in reality I am a college student studying geology.  I quit my job about a year ago to go back to school and I don’t regret it one bit.  I’m mainly a PC gamer, I have a PS3 but I mainly use it for Netflix and Hulu.  I am a Star Trek fan, I love Star Wars, and yes you can like both.  Come to think of it I love most sci-fi…except the Battlestar Galactica remake, and Stargate Universe, someone needs to be slapped for those two.  Oh and Lexx, that show was just weird….

As for what I plan to do here, being a college student kind of taps out the wallet so I will be focusing on free to play games and a few tips and tricks I have picked up to get games cheaper or some times free.  I will also be covering some hybrid MMORPGs that you may have pay at first in one way or another but end up being free to play.