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Josh Intro

Hello! My name is Josh Gore. I have been following Just 1 More Level since I stumbled upon the All Your Base Facebook page about 6 months ago or so. This eventually led me to consistently following Tabor and Tridrakious on their weekly show on YouTube called "Just 1 More Topic". Right out of the gate, I could tell that these guys had a great passion for all things gaming. Their ambition and professionalism is a commodity that I respect immensely and it just feels like something special is brewing for Just 1 More Level. It is a journey that I definitely want to be a part of, no matter how big or small of an impact I can make.

A little about myself. I am 28 years old, happily married, and have two beautiful children. With my full-time job and family life, my gaming habits have slowed down to say the least, but I am still always on top of new trends in gaming as well as always playing something to stay on top of what is popular in the gaming world. My gaming alias is ScorpiuS41. My all-time favorite video games are the Metal Gear Solid series. I have a massive collection of all things Metal Gear Solid. One of the more significant things that I randomly did in the gaming world was a few years back. I found a glitch in the game Dead Space. I uploaded it to YouTube and it garnered a ton of attention at first. IGN even re-enacted the glitch I found and credited the find to me, which was pretty cool.

Here is the link to the IGN article/video

In closing, I feel like I can be a part of something here. Even if it is a small contribution or just helping out when I can, I want to at least try, and maybe make a couple of gaming friends along the way. I look forward to spreading the word of J1ML, and I am excited about the future.