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Let's Play!

Over the last two weeks a team has been assembled for the sole purpose of pushing Just 1 More Level to even higher heights. We're nearly passed 44k views and on the cusp of several new shows and series getting off the ground. Plus new ideas for brand a new series of articles for the site itself. You know, some more home grown stuff.

Vigorously working around the clock to produce content that we not only enjoy creating, but that we hope you readers and viewers will love experiencing. One of the new initiatives is currently deep in development and 2 teams (both with your's truly heavily involved) testing out various Let's Play ideas.

So what are we aiming for? Simply put, fun and engaging narratives overlaying the game experience. The best personalities from the Just 1 More Level network of talent playing games and getting our antics in recorded fashion. To be enjoyed anytime you want, where you are.

One such team spearheaded by the returning Rawrbagels will lead a rotating team of greats with games that will (eventually) lead up to live streaming experiences. For a little preview, we had a group of 4 playing Fairytale Fights.

The other team is a pet project that crosses Just 1 More Level and my best friend's site, My Brain on Games into a version of Let's Play that will likely stay on the recorded path to be easily uploaded to YouTube, his site and right here for viewing pleasure.

It's exciting to see these new projects taking shape. And there are so many other projects that haven't developed enough to announce. Just believe me, greatness is coming.