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Future of the Brand

Yesterday was amazing. Christmas aside, I finally began putting together the pieces that I have been collecting over the previous year. From my time with All Your Show, OKGamers, Double Jump and the various odds and ends that I was invited to, I'm ready to move forward.

Business is in my blood. Creating hasn't been easier. And I'm at a point where a single announcement won't do. Several announcements will begin raining down from the heavens above within the next couple of weeks.

There won't be waiting for the first two announcements though. JohnTheGamer and myself began studying some development tools yesterday that he picked up through a Humble Bundle. Yes, game development will become a reality for us. It honestly wasn't very difficult once we got through a few initial starting hiccups. And yes the game is super simple and not very engaging, but hey. We've got something to study further and potentially build upon.

Along with that announcement I'm proud to announce that a partnership between sites is in the works. Something that can bring great joy to my heart; as the foundation for a true video game network site is being developed. Sends chills up my spine. It really does. Most of the work will commence within the coming days, but likely won't see much of a public face until next year. If I was to peg a date, probably around April at the earliest. However, neither one of us wants to rush decisions and put a poor product out that.

So for a recap. Developing games and bringing the pieces together for a video game focused network website