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I want to start this off with thanking everyone that supports this site in any capacity. Because of you I've made a site that truly makes me feel accomplished.

Just1MoreLevel started as a pipe dream. Something to counter the incredibly weak and poor (sometimes heavily biased) "gaming journalists" in the world. But as.time went on, I'm realizing that everything here is more than a pipe dream.

Getting my voice (and a few others) out there for people to read and react to. Have I always met my schedule, nope. It's there a rhyme or reason to what gets put up, nope. Just depends on what I'm playing at the time (Hotline Miami on PSN, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on PS3, and my mind...PS4 BABY!)

But with this episode it's more about the readers. You all. The ones that have helped this site cross 41k views during a time when do many projects and events are being launched. But also during a time when I thought the site was still chasing 40k. So thank you all for making this site become something that you come back to. And helping to motivate me enough to keep doing it.

The success of the site and YouTube channel has been very rewarding.