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Dreams and Ambitious People

Here's a little story. Hope you're ready, because here I go.

Just 1 More Level was created for the sole purpose of providing a platform to voice my thoughts and opinions on the video game industry. Kinda like a soap box, but wanting to talk about everything gaming related, not just ranting about the bad ole negative stuff. And that has been wonderful to say the least. I've built up a solid following through all the different areas I'm populating (facebook, twitter, youtube and here obviously). The greatest thing about the site is that over time it has turned into so much more than just a place for me to write about my experiences or opinions or thoughts. It turned into a place where others can voice their opinions, show the world a side of them that they might not have been given the chance to do otherwise.

From bringing on new freelance writers to developing a decent web series with Just 1 More Topic I feel like the site has never been stronger. I'm 24 and I'm proud of what's I have accomplished so far. Looking at just the last year of operation, I've launched partnerships with All Your Base, Epirus Films, All Your Show, PJ Gamers...not to forget that I am a founding member of Double Jump Network (the hit new organization that has the amazing Glitched series on youtube). So busy is an understatement, big understatement. I'm now in talks with Addicted Gaming for further expansion into live streaming e-sports events (in the Tulsa Metro area)

It gets tiring, but keep moving forward. If there is something in this world that you want. Fight for it. You might get burned, I know I have. Out of everything I do, I have one paying job and that covers bills and maybe of little bit of leisure time. After that paying job I tend to drive 40 minutes about 3 to 4 days a week to All Your Base to hang out, but also to make sure products like Just 1 More Topic happen, brainstorm new show ideas, to attend our Double Jump meetings, Glitched filmings, scripting, helping in anyway possible, mix in working closely with PJ Gamers (not just their launch, which is October 19th...that's right. 6 days away.) for their Extra Life event on the 2nd and 3rd of November this year. Which means I typically get to spend about 4 hours at my house.

And getting paid isn't an option right now. Everything I have done is to build something that will eventually pay for itself and then I start getting paid. I haven't made a penny from trying to be everywhere. But I'm still willing to fight and claw my way to the finish line.

Oh, and of those 4 hours I get maybe 3 to sleep a night, just to wake up and do it all over.

I've mostly enjoyed it. Frustrations get high, as does the tension between team members. But we've got a goal. Double Jump Network is a business. We've got an excellent staff of people who are passionate about games and the industry. We eat and breathe this hobby from the moment we wake up, to the moment we pass out for the evening.

The idea is to turn this into something people tell their friends about and keep coming back for more. Because they like to see what we do. I've been a fan of the concept since the beginning. Developing this into a company. A full fledged company that strengthens the individual entities that made up the group, promotional purposes, advertising purposes, bringing ourselves into the big time and competing against all of the biggest names in entertainment and gaming news the world over.

Yes, I'm a little ambitious. I dream of this stuff. Starting my life on the back of this. Supporting my future family with the work I bust my butt on today. Building a foundation that will still be standing long generations after I die. There is nothing wrong or delusional about having a dream. Wanting to make the grestest thing in the world. I've had the privilege to work with very passionate people about this craft. The sky isn't even a limit for me. I refuse to accept defeat.

All Your Base, PJ Gamers, All Your Show, Epirus Films and Just 1 More Level united for this cause. Developing the best in class entertainment through our hard work and determination. Our skill sets and knowledge.

Doesn't sound like a glamorous life, but I will not fail. I will not watch my dreams and ambitions crumble to ash. No matter what. And if you have a spark or an interest in your hobby or just something you enjoy doing. Fight for it. Make it more than a hobby.