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What's Going On!?

Hey there peoples of the interwebs. How's it going? That's great. So me talk.

Fuck has this been a busy week. I say that alot I know, so sue me...but don't actually... I'm not really worth anything. Anywho, Oklahoma saw the return of OVGE this past Saturday and boy was that a treat. Retro gaming as far as the conference walls would go. Arcade cabinets, ancient consoles from so many yesteryears ago, authors, collectors, vendors, contests, tournaments and so much more. Ooooooooo, so much fun was had.

Double Jump was out there in full force talking with the viewing public and working on getting subscribers for our growing this on top notch webseries amazingness. Got countless interviews with people from all walks of gamer life on top of feedback for the shows. So success there.

Just 1 More Topic episode 34 (airing tomorrow on a computer with internet near you) features Taborius and myself (Tridrakious) alongside my friend and fellow blogsite owner (click here) JohnTheGamer. So look out for that tomorrow (you wouldn't have to remember to look if you subscribe, it gets sent to you on a silver platter for subscribers).

Anyway, this was just a quickie to get out before the episode tomorrow. Might also do an article of all the games I'm playing. And there are quite a few.

So post your comments. Let me know what game or games you're currently playing in the comments below. Also provide feedback on both Double Jump and Just 1 More Level's YouTube Channels.