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What's Old Is New

Well here I sit, returning to the laptop for Just 1 More Level purposes. Every video upload to the site has been done from a laptop, however, if there wasn't was written and published from my Galaxy Note 2. An awesome phablet that I purchased back in Februach (February and March rolled into one...because I don't actually remember when I got it. Other than in 2013 and after January and most likely before April).

Now you might be asking yourself a simple question. Which would be "WOW YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB USING A PHONE TO POST STELLAR CONTENT TO JUST 1 MORE LEVEL!" Unfortunately I would have to be a dick and say "That's not a question at all, that's a statement...I believe. Grammar is but isn't MA THANG! So anyway, the reason I'm typing this up and will get published is simple. As great as the mobile blogger app is to bring content to J1ML on the go....that's really all it is. Trying to get the mobile app to handle like the full on toolkit; that I've got access to right now, makes it pale in comparison. Plus it allowed me to become so lazy with the site. ALL MY AMBITIONS WENT OUT THE WINDOW!

Image uploading is a nightmare and doesn't turn out like I want it. There isn't any amount of maneuvering that I can do to get pictures to line up with the text, not to mention I can't even upload video or share video. There was a few times when I tried new things, but they all led to the same result. No video! Just a line of text that had to be copied and pasted to the URL bar. Frustrating to say the least.

So, why did I stop using my laptop and therefore creating a wall of problems that I forced myself to learn/use a mobile app? WELL! My laptop has been on it's last legs for a while now. The battery doesn't hold a charge, buttons were losing their grip and falling off and the overall performance was just dropping. It was making it easy to leave it unplugged and neglected. Neglected to a point that I was in full on tablet purchasing mode. Of course as time went on, I played around with the mobile tools on my phone, picked up a few tablets and messed around with them and there is no mistaking it. I like laptops more. The work and experience is there already. From the word processors (like Microsoft Office and OpenOffice) to having the internet and tool kits tailor made for a keyboard and mouse experience. Using phones and tablets made the experience worse and resulted in fewer published articles and the ones that did go up are riddled with problems. (photos not there, video no where to be found and grammatical errors that went untouched because I missed them with plain oversight of the small text)

It's nice sitting at my table, laptop in front of me and making a return to the good times. Most of the problems with said laptop have been fixed, minus one button on the number pad and battery not quite working to it's fullest, but baby steps.

Oh and the site has returned to a much more familiar look.