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Sony Gamescom 2013

The King....Has Returned

For those watching around the world earlier today saw Sony stand and deliver another solid conference. While it might not carry the same weight as E3's conference did, there is no doubt Sony landed a few more haymakers on their competition.

Here is a breakdown of the Top 3 announcements from said conference. In descending order.

3. PlayStation Vita Price Cut

We're Eliminating High Prices!

I'm not one of those people that complained the Vita was too expensive. It was perfectly fine at the $249 price tag (not even discussing the rip off that is the 3G model formerly priced at $299). Lack of retail buzz became the problem and the stigma surrounding the platform as "dead". Which, in many ways, it was dead. Working at GameStop and right now in the Electronics department of a Target has allowed me to see where people's interests are and what they think about with their purchases. With that consumer knowledge mixed with my gaming and business knowledge, the easiest way to make short term waves is with a price cut. One that features enough punch that gets not only the gaming media talking, but gets the gamers talking about it outside of their "cliches". However, it will just be a short term patch unless there are some games to go along with it.

The PlayStation 3 didn't get its resurgence just because it became cheaper. Just look at the price drops from $599 down to $399. 200 hundred dollars worth of price cuts in 2 years and it was still floundering. True it was still $400. But there wasn't anything releasing to make people really consider what they were getting with the console. Uncharted helped, but didn't start creating a megaton amount of buzz until Uncharted 2. Which also had the help of a redesigned PS3, complete re-branding of division back to familiar fonts and logos, but also the introduction of the now legendary Kevin Butler. Sony truly addressed every issue gamers had with the PS3. And it looks like they are being much more responsive to the problems the Vita is facing. Mixing price cuts with stellar upcoming software such as Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway. Plus Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD and now Borderlands 2. Let's not forget the price drops to the overpriced Vita memory cards. A 4gb Vita memory card is now much closer to the SD card prices, but still leaning on the higher end of the wallet scale.

2. Twitch TV


This might not be as big of a deal for some, but for Just 1 More Level and everything we're associated with...this is awesome news! Since Twitch has become such a force on the gaming internet channel of choice, I'm glad to see Sony pursuing a native app for the PS4. Meaning we'll be able to bring exciting new shows and features to our growing pool of readers and viewers. Expanding upon the already announced Ustream and Facebook integration, now we've got a full on gaming network at the palm of our hands. Something we'll definitely take advantage off for new and exciting content this....


....What....It's Bahamut!

I KNOW! EXCELLENT SEGWAY! Sony confirmed that PlayStation 4 will launch on November 15th in North America and November 29th in Europe! November 13th was the date that I was predicting and DAMN WAS I CLOSE! I swear...I should get paid for this. 34 games will be available by the end of the year for the PS4 and they also confirmed that over 1 million units have been pre-ordered around the globe. Hope you all get one that wants one this holiday, because demand is here.