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What An Amazing E3 Week!

E3 delivered on so many levels (minus Nintendo...which was just sad) with Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony kicking day 1 of the festivities off. Each one had a solid conference...but one in particular stood out among the rest.

Sony's E3 2013 conference was astounding. A truly phenomenal experience. E3 was starting to become formulaic, predictable...lacking real energy. It was full of PR talking points and covering every spectrum without actually covering anything meaningful. With that being said...Sony delivered a performance that hadn't been seen since the 90's. Back when Sony was still young in the industry; the scrappy newcomer who wasn't afraid to ruffle some features and dismantle the status quo.

The Sony of attitude and swagger was back. Bitch slapping Microsoft and Nintendo left and right while reminding gamers, GAMERS, why PlayStation became the juggernaut it once was. Showing off a countless stream of Free to Play, Freemium, traditional boxed games, indie titles and more. They likely showcased 70+ games during their 2 hour conference.

And they did it without Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet and God of War. Gran Turismo was there...but it was for PS3. So the PS4 relied on mostly new IP from the Sony side. While third parties were showing of Watch Dogs, Assassin's Creed 4, Destiny, Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts 3, and so much more. So PlayStation 4 still has an incredible line up without some of Sony's biggest players.

Just gets to save them for later while building up Killzone, Infamous and new titles, Knack and Drive Club. I personally was super impressed from the entire event. But Sony walked away with a massacre behind them.

It helps to not be "anti-gamer". Announcing a wonderful $399 price point, launching this holiday season in North America and Europe, no system mandated DRM, no Always Online bullshit, doesn't have to "check in" every 24 hours to keep working and no always on camera even when the fucking camera is off!

This is definitely one of my most heated articles and if you're reading this and expecting an unbiased "all companies shined bright together" hippie man crap. Sorry to disappoint. Microsoft can go fuck themselves with their new Anti-Gamer policies. Get them up there good and deep Microsoft. Because you're the only one enjoying them. What sucks is they showed off some stellar games...too bad it'll take me forever to convince myself to game on an Xbox One. Fuck you Microsoft.