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The Last New Leaf

So, yesterday I posted about the long awaited release of Naughty Dog's, The Last of Us demo. My personal opinion placed it at phenomenal and my willpower to boycott any news or info on the game is getting so difficult to maintain in these final weeks. June 14th just can't get here soon enough!

However, that isn't the only game I'm super excited for though. While it isn't anywhere near what The Last of Us is...Sunday does hold a release that will take (possibly a year) to "finish". What could it be? A Sunday release? But doesn't new releases hit on Tuesday's?

You are right my wonderful reader base. BUT! There is one company that bucks the American New Release Tuesday festival. And that company is...Nintendo. And the game I'm talking about is...Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Yep, that's right. Animal Crossing. A series that I felt had the stupidest concept ever, doing chores in a town full of talking, working and (sometimes) responsible...animals. Animals that have personalities. Animals that will want to trade items, talk about the day, the weather, plan for a weekend flea market, travel to the city, visit other towns, listen to music or just stop by your house to visit. Yes, it is a full on life inside these games.

Mixing the intense, action/adventure survival "horror(?)" of The Last of Us with the calming, digital life simulator of Animal Crossing is crazy exciting to think about. Especially since I know so many people who will be getting both games. So there will be plenty going on for the next, forever.