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The Best Place to Play!

So here I am. I've purchased Animal Crossing: New Leaf and The Last of Us, and I'm now firmly in PlayStation 4 mode. I've already scaled back my purchasing tremendously and will rely on my backlog of games to tide me over til the launch of Sony's new wondersystem.

However, a title is coming out Tuesday in the states called Project X Zone for the 3DS. This game is a strategy-rpg that features the collaborative efforts from leading Japanese studios like Capcom, Namco and Sega. Over 50 characters are being packed into PXZ. And I want to support this movement with my cash.

Just wish there was more time between it coming out and the $120 I spent on new games (suck it Cliffy B.!). Of course that doesn't include the $20 I spent on Gods Eater Burst (PSP) that I found at a Best Buy in Owasso. So $140 (not including tax obviously) pumped into the retailers for stocking these games and sending the money into the industry.

So in 2 weeks I will end up spending $180 on new games. One I won't be playing anytime soon (GEB) and 2 games that will end up fighting for time in the single 3DS cart reader slot. Oh the joys of being a gamer. What I will say is I'm placing a moratorium for spending money on games. PS4 has become the focus.

As such I'm also beginning to sell items on ebay to clear room and potentially generate extra cash on top of my paying job.