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In The (Written) Mind Of Tri

In The Mind Of Tri is a very simple show concept. Stand in front of a camera, voice my opinions/thoughts on the video game industry...hell, anything that I want to talk about really...but condense it into 5 minute bursts. Getting the thought process started by putting various things on a pedestal for the world to see. Some might consider it a "calling companies out on their shit" and that would be just as true.However, in the process of brainstorming for the show; as with every piece of my creative development, certain things were happening in my life. Video games have slipped fairly far down my priorities list. I've experienced graduating from college, loving and losing one of my best relationships (I've talked about her on Just 1 More Level in the past) and right now I'm tangled up in countless projects that aren't making money.So in all of this, I've been fighting internally over where I'm at. How myself is doing. Several times I've bounced aro…

Just 1 More Topic Episode 22: Nintendo...What Happened!?

Watch what we think of Nintendo's current situation. We are experts after all.

The Best Place to Play!

So here I am. I've purchased Animal Crossing: New Leaf and The Last of Us, and I'm now firmly in PlayStation 4 mode. I've already scaled back my purchasing tremendously and will rely on my backlog of games to tide me over til the launch of Sony's new wondersystem.However, a title is coming out Tuesday in the states called Project X Zone for the 3DS. This game is a strategy-rpg that features the collaborative efforts from leading Japanese studios like Capcom, Namco and Sega. Over 50 characters are being packed into PXZ. And I want to support this movement with my cash.Just wish there was more time between it coming out and the $120 I spent on new games (suck it Cliffy B.!). Of course that doesn't include the $20 I spent on Gods Eater Burst (PSP) that I found at a Best Buy in Owasso. So $140 (not including tax obviously) pumped into the retailers for stocking these games and sending the money into the industry.So in 2 weeks I will end up spending $180 on new games. O…

The Last of Us Survival Edition Unboxing

I came up with the idea of doing an unboxing article of the special edition of The Last of Us, Naughty Dog's newest game for the PS3. Well my excitement kinda died a little bit when I found out that an even rarer special edition came out called the Post-Pandemic Edition...ugh...I want that one!
By the way!  The Last of Us would make an excellent Father's Day gift! Happy Father's Day to all the dad's out there! 
But here you go, the survival edition.

What An Amazing E3 Week!

E3 delivered on so many levels (minus Nintendo...which was just sad) with Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony kicking day 1 of the festivities off. Each one had a solid conference...but one in particular stood out among the rest.Sony's E3 2013 conference was astounding. A truly phenomenal experience. E3 was starting to become formulaic, predictable...lacking real energy. It was full of PR talking points and covering every spectrum without actually covering anything meaningful. With that being said...Sony delivered a performance that hadn't been seen since the 90's. Back when Sony was still young in the industry; the scrappy newcomer who wasn't afraid to ruffle some features and dismantle the status quo.The Sony of attitude and swagger was back. Bitch slapping Microsoft and Nintendo left and right while reminding gamers, GAMERS, why PlayStation became the juggernaut it once was. Showing off a countless stream of Free to Play, Freemium, traditional boxed games, indie titles …

Just 1 More Topic Episode 20d - Sony E3 2013 Press Conference

Sony Conference E3 2013. PlayStation 4 $399. Yeah, $400 is the price point.

Sequel Surprises

As if the original version of a game wasn't enough, a sequel can bring even more delight and excitement (or terror and dismay if it's a dud or a lie...Fable series I'm looking at you!). Each successful sequel brings more and more to the table, as well as solidifying a fan base. Yet, not everyone is able to enjoy these spoils or glory and grandeur, but sometimes not only does a great sequel emerge but a great opportunity arises. Leaping from one system to multiple platforms.
In the recent weeks, a few titles have fallen into this category, correcting their selfish sojourns. Specifically, Sanctum 2, Payday 2, and Diablo 3 (we all know how much I just loooove Diablo). Ironically, each game includes RPG elements, team work, and extreme replay value. However, each game brings its own spark and touch.
Sanctum 2 is the sequel to the hit FPS Tower Defense game on PC. I owned and played the first one quite a bit, seeing as it's a mix of two of my favorite genres. Build your wa…

Just 1 More Topic Episode 20c - Ubisoft E3 2013 Press Conference

Ubisoft had a fairly long winded conference full of stuff we already knew about, but they ended up with possibly the most exciting game yet of E3 and it wasn't Watch Dogs...which was still amazing!

Just 1 More Topic E3 - EA Press Conference

EA handling their event now. Everything has been great! Even EA has been a good time.

Just 1 More Topic Episode 20! Microsoft E3 Press Conference

Here it is. We've returned to the internet! Perfect time too! E3 and the press conferences that reign supreme!

It's E3 Time!

<p dir=ltr>Today we've got Microsoft kicking off gaming's biggest annual event. The countdown is almost over and Double Jump will be carrying as much information as we can. Just 1 More Topic should have featured episodes to each of the conferences today. So stay tuned!

Glitched - Pilot Launched!

Yesterday at Fantastical Muse 2013 we unveiled Double Jump. The new network from us, the All Your Show, All Your Base and Just 1 More Level teams. So this is the umbrella that we felt would be best moving forward.Nothing is going to just stop because we have Double Jump. That won't happen. However, new things are in the pipeline. Including a new website, new domain, new shows, new projects, new everything and this network was founded on collaboration. Our first show is Glitched, a dockumentary styled show about this very network. Watch it at the link below and let us know what you think. We want YOUR feedback.Watch "Glitched - Pilot" on YouTube

The Last New Leaf

So, yesterday I posted about the long awaited release of Naughty Dog's, The Last of Us demo. My personal opinion placed it at phenomenal and my willpower to boycott any news or info on the game is getting so difficult to maintain in these final weeks. June 14th just can't get here soon enough!However, that isn't the only game I'm super excited for though. While it isn't anywhere near what The Last of Us is...Sunday does hold a release that will take (possibly a year) to "finish". What could it be? A Sunday release? But doesn't new releases hit on Tuesday's? You are right my wonderful reader base. BUT! There is one company that bucks the American New Release Tuesday festival. And that company is...Nintendo. And the game I'm talking about is...Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Yep, that's right. Animal Crossing. A series that I felt had the stupidest concept ever, doing chores in a town full of talking, working and (sometimes) responsible...animals…

The Last of Us Demo Impressions

Okay, Naughty Dog has been my one of my favorite developers for fifteen years (back when they were making Crash Bandicoot). This admiration for their work only strenghtened and placed them firmly at the top of my list when Uncharted came barreling out of the chamber. It was more realistic, but every member of the cast carried such an incredible sense of evolution in so many aspects; that Nathan Drake and company didn't feel generic or the same as all the other action/adventure characters out there.One thing that all these titles had in common pertained to be the sense of humor and fairly light hearted-ness of the environment/scenes they were in. Yes, Nathan Drake kills people instead of machines or evil animals (Crash had some issues with other animals) features real guns. However, The Last of Us is pure intensity.From what I found in the demo, Naughty Dog wants to support different play styles. Whether you want to run up and be aggressive with melee skills or keep your dis…