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Sweet Sweet Success!

Just wanted to take this time to thank a few people for reaching a new milestone! 30,000 views! Apparently people enjoy the site enough to keep coming back and even spreading the word of what we do here.

Another milestone was attained with this...2 full years of operation! A mostly consistent stream of contant has been placed on thr site for a total of 263 (now 264) articles brought to you readers by Gambit, Michael, Barron and sometimes myself, Mr. Jeff aka Tridrakious.

Maybe proud is an understatement. Just1MoreLevel started out as my pet project to vocalize my opinions on the video game industry. Applying a layer of "gamer perspective" that I felt the major players in the games media were lacking. Over time however, J1ML became more than that. Evolving into a place to discuss anything and everything I was doing from personal life to school, but still being present with my gaming adventures.

In further evolution J1ML has started generating more reviews, video content, original stories, and so much more. It's also in the verge of launching an all new podcast called Pixel as the first joint project between MyBrainOnGames and Which is very fitting, because I got the final bit of momentum/excitement when my friend launched his blog a couple years ago.

All in all this has been a wonderful ride. One that saw many ups and downs, but ultimately witnessed myself getting stronger. As a writer, as a businessman, as a person.

So thank you to everyone who has helped with the milestones being crossed and here's to another 30,000 views and beyond!