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Been Awhile

So much has happened over the last month. In fact Just1MoreLevel will be part of a major event in Oklahoma called Fantastical Muse. This event will host some Huge announcements from the AYS, AYB and J1ML teams in addition to sponsoring alongside another local business, Your Design on Main Street in downtown Broken Arrow.

If that wasn't enough ole Barron (Pilgram) is getting married in a couple days, Michael is nearing a month long hiatus while he travels the high seas and I'm just swamped with countless projects just will be nearing launch soon. Like...very soon. So excited!

Oh, we've also had two weeks of hellious storms that have ripped Oklahoma apart. stuffs there. I do apologize for not having consistent content going up; it's just everything is in transition phase. I'm hoping to have more details soon and so much is about to change.