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Been Awhile

So much has happened over the last month. In fact Just1MoreLevel will be part of a major event in Oklahoma called Fantastical Muse. This event will host some Huge announcements from the AYS, AYB and J1ML teams in addition to sponsoring alongside another local business, Your Design on Main Street in downtown Broken Arrow.If that wasn't enough ole Barron (Pilgram) is getting married in a couple days, Michael is nearing a month long hiatus while he travels the high seas and I'm just swamped with countless projects just will be nearing launch soon. Like...very soon. So excited!Oh, we've also had two weeks of hellious storms that have ripped Oklahoma apart. stuffs there. I do apologize for not having consistent content going up; it's just everything is in transition phase. I'm hoping to have more details soon and so much is about to change.

The Year Of Diablo

Today marks the One Year Anniversary for Diablo 3, the third installment in the Diablo franchise created by developers Blizzard Entertainment. Unlike the rest of internet, I actually enjoy this game. I am an avid player of all three installments and have beaten each of them numerous times, including the first Diablo on PC AND Playstation X (the "X" is for all of you true gamers). I have not been disappointed with the game as a whole, although there will always be things that "I" would have done differently but seeing as I am not a game developer I have to take them as they are, or not play them at all.
Many who bring up Diablo 3 can either expect an immediate hatred or be bashed for not liking Torchlight 2 more. Rarely, do you find those that support and enjoy the game and you know what, that's fine with me. I would rather play a game with people who enjoy it than with people who are simply going to raze hell about it (sound familiar League of Legends players?)…

Halves Of A Whole

Good morning, minions! The P1L9R1M is back from his wayward travels, this time bringing light to an unexpected revelation. Now, like many of you, I have played many games that were simply amazing yet also lacking. How can this be!? Well, it's quite simple, you aren't playing a whole game. Hear me out! Walk the P1L9R1M's path as I enlighten you about the "Halves of a Whole."

Of course, this could happen with many games, but I have to "work" and be a good little "civilian" so I cannot bring you a full list of such half games. The two in particular I want to reveal are "The Haunted: Hells Reach" and "God Mode." By now, I am sure many of you have at least heard of God Mode whereas I am sure almost none of you know what The Haunted: Hells Reach is. Haunted, unfortunately, never released on console as it was destined to be (it was purchased by THQ, we now miss them dearly). It solely exists on the PC, haunting the Steam players w…

Heartland Gaming Expo 2013

The University of Tulsa hosted the Heartland Gaming Expo last weekend. John and myself went in to check it out, but when we were able to get there...the main day was over. So unfortunately there wasn't much to see; that was a benefit though. Why? Because we were able to chat with the developers about what they were making for the event itself.Oh, I should probably explain what this convention just happens to be, right? Yeah. That's what I was thinking too. PARTY TIME! Cake and beer everywhere...wait...this got derailed. Ahem. So convention. About gaming. Okay, got it. I'm back.Heartland brings the talents of the Midwest together for a showing of the games they are making. Various voting categories were available to compete in, which was nice about going on Sunday. The winner of the People's Choice and Overall Runner Up were both there with two completely different games. The overall winner wasn't there Sunday, but it was still a blast to see the others.While John w…

Sweet Sweet Success!

Just wanted to take this time to thank a few people for reaching a new milestone! 30,000 views! Apparently people enjoy the site enough to keep coming back and even spreading the word of what we do here.Another milestone was attained with this...2 full years of operation! A mostly consistent stream of contant has been placed on thr site for a total of 263 (now 264) articles brought to you readers by Gambit, Michael, Barron and sometimes myself, Mr. Jeff aka Tridrakious.Maybe proud is an understatement. Just1MoreLevel started out as my pet project to vocalize my opinions on the video game industry. Applying a layer of "gamer perspective" that I felt the major players in the games media were lacking. Over time however, J1ML became more than that. Evolving into a place to discuss anything and everything I was doing from personal life to school, but still being present with my gaming adventures.In further evolution J1ML has started generating more reviews, vid…