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Weekend Ramble

For those of you that are long time readers of you know that I'm always thinking of the next big thing. And my ambitions haven't let me down; which is why I keep it employed. However I run into issues with equipment...the all important gear to make what I think in my head reality.

This poses a problem for me, because I can't just plop down the money needed to get the equipment; to then make my ideas come to life in front of others. It ultimately brought down the budding Simply #1 Productions company I launched alongside a friend of mine exactly a year ago. Within that time I've really been pushing my business self.

In tow I was sacrificing my creative side. But it didn't seem problematic then, because a six year gap had formed since the last time I was "creative" and even then I wasn't happy with what I created and trashed it. Only one thing survived...the name...the character...Tridrakious. Built from a concept titled Thoria.

A video game that was so ambitious I ended up canning it. Due to developing systems that would work off of other systems to bring an entire world to life. Every character had a purpose, a life, a real existence. Time and seasons flowed; the player would have to think about which characters to bring along, because said player would have to send characters to other places to complete tasks.

Every...single...thing played off of each other. If you wanted to do more than just go from point A to point B you would have to design a strategy to hold off other nations and keep roguish factions from breaking trade lines and so much more.

Diving back into the creative process has been fun, even with trying to balance the business side of things; with knowing that creative work tends to go against almost every facet of business practices.

But anyway, this seems like it would make a good weekend series for J1ML. Let me know if you like it.