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Mid-Boss Debut

Alright, Wednesday's need some attention my friends. So I'm going to introduce the new Wednesday article on a Thursday. Makes perfect sense right? Okay, seriously. The reason this didn't get posted yesterday was due the actual product itself.

Yesterday, I was deep in the creation process for a new show that I'm creating with Taborius from All Your Base/Show and know him as the guy who wrote that article a few weeks back. But back on topic, we're developing a show that will be focused on the network that is under construction between Just1MoreLevel, All Your Show and All Your Base. The premise is a "documentary" about the business we're in and the shenanigans that occur along the way.

The foundation and initial pilot episode is set; as well as a time table for the filming. It's an exciting time for the network, because we have tremendous momentum and passionate gamers ready for the challenge of launching a true "Gamer Focused Entertainment Network". So stay tuned to and for more details as they become available. Post up some suggestions in the comments below!