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Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good morning, minions! So far, I have only lurked in the shadows and provided you with glorious stories of adventure and excitement but today is a new day and I have so many ideas and thoughts to share with all of you. First off, do not be fooled by my writing skills, I am a mad gamer in disguise! My XBL and Steam handles are under P1L9R1M, which you may also recognize from the site I was brought into the fold some months ago and have been providing what skills I can to that amazing crew but my work and life schedule has prompted me to rarely be anywhere but work and home. So, Tridrakious has given me the opportunity to write and entertain on this site, So, without further hesitation or hindrance, let me entertain you once again.
The main reason behind this article is to talk about certain video games that have fallen off the radar and are ripe to reboot or be reborn. Now, some of you may not be familiar with the titles I am referring to so all I can say is, SHAME ON YOU! These certain titles brought me hours of entertainment and joy in my younger days and I believe we are in need of their services once again. Follow me on this wild journey as we take a walk down memory lane and attempt to breath life into the dusty graves they now sit.
The first title I want to talk about is RAMPAGE. The most amazing premise behind a game, take on the role of giant monsters, terrorize the cities and citizens, and eventually destroy the world! Climb buildings, eat people, kick tanks, and fight your fellow monsters! The original cast was George (a giant monkey/King Kong), Lizzie (a giant lizard/Godzilla), and Ralph (a giant wolf/Werewolf?). However, the Gamecube version ended up with numerous unlockable monsters for use to punish the world for its hubris.
I know, it sounds great, plus its a co-op and competitive game which is always a bonus. However, let me take this concept further by implementing many other video game ideas into Rampage's core. I say we mix Earth Defense Force, Katamari Demancy, and Spore together to make the most amazing single player, co-op, and multiplayer experience yet. Now, don't be scared or confused by my choices, let me explain the reason for my choices.
Earth Defense Force. I have played both versions released on the XBOX 360, and I have thoroughly enjoyed both. You are part of Earth's Defense Force (shocking, right!) and you are fighting on all fronts against an alien invasion that consists of giant robots, giant insects, huge robots, huge godzilla-mech type monsters, and motherships. The game is very well done to scale so the cities feel vast and tall, as well as destroyable. This fits in with the idea of "rampaging" through cities but no longer being limited to a side-scrolling style. Which brings me to the next title for inspiraton...
Katamari Demacy, the crazy game of pushing a small ball around and gathering any-and-everything in your path. Sounds boring but it's extremely fun, even with a timer on each level. However, what I loved the most was starting as big as a thumb tac then ending up collecting the all the planets and stars by the end. What I would like to see in a new Rampage is something similar. Start as a small monster, no bigger than a puppy maybe. You have to break and consume anything you can manage, such as eating shoes and trash or breaking sprinkler systems and mailboxes. Now that you understand those two concepts, let us talk about...
Spore, a game where you control a lifeforms genetic makeup, evolution, and civilization. The main choice behind this title was the genetic portion, as well as evolution techniques. Say you are a tiny monster, terrorizing a backyard. You eat some trash, which is toxic. Eat enough of it and you could gain the ability of toxicity also, spitting bile or emitting a stench that withers grass. You could gain abilities from everything you eat, creating a challenge for you to find all the specific consumables or abilities in each area. This way, not only do you grow physically but you also gain control over what your monster would end up like at the end. Each player would bring something different to the table, some breathing fire, others being able to eat even the most unhealthy items in the game.
So, there you have it! A new game created by imbuing an original classic with newer classics. A game with endless combinations and tons of unlockables, with in depth character creation, and with hours of entertainment (with or against your friends). I say it is time for a comeback of the ages. Let us RAMPAGE through the internet until some game developer steals our idea and makes us pay for it (figuratively and literally)(BUY ALL THE CHARACTER COMBOS EARLY - 10,000 MICROSOFT POINTS)(NOT INCLUDED IN SEASON PASS)(DISCLAIMER BY E.A.).
The second title I want to resurrect is ROAD RASH. A very simple idea: Race motorcycles in a circuit through cities and scenery...but with weapons! That's right, melee motorcycles! Ride your bike, wield your bat, crush your foes with speed and pain! The last time I saw this game was on Nintendo 64, and it wasn't the greatest version either. So, how do we bring this game back, you ask? Simple, we just do! There wasn't much to it in the first place, win a race, get a new bike, repeat. However, what I suggest is go more in depth in the skills of rider as well as complete motorcycle customization.
Not only would you get new bikes each race but you would also accrue money and experience points. Then, you could buy upgrades of all sorts cash, such as cosmetic options for your bike and your rider. With your exp, you can buy abilities and stat boosts which would consist of things like Toughness (so as not to be knocked off your bike easily/how much damage you take if you are knocked off), Agility (to dodge attacks and possibly steal their weapons from them), and Strength (how hard your hit). This way, the game would always be a constant challenge but lets not forget the ultimate way to win, the race itself. Finishing the race would give you more money but perhaps not as much experience, whereas battling it out grants more experience but little money.
I have a backup suggestion though. Should this idea not be warranted enough interest, I vote Borderlands inherits it. Then, they could create a separate game type within their own game using Bandits in a deadly race (FUNDED BY TORGUE MOTHERF*CKERS!). Red Dead Redemption had numerous game modes, why can't other games!? This could simply be a rendition of horse racing from Red Dead but altered to coincide with Borderlands logic (Logic...right!). This way, when you minions tire of being murdered horribly by Invincible bosses, you can take some laps and win some loot, all while gaining experience and having fun!
I must credit my fellow gamers (G.I. Jimbo, Ignimeo, and TheOutlaw) for suggesting certain aspects of this wild idea. I always keep an open ear for fantastic and interesting ideas that may not arise from normal, mundane conversations with "people." So, there you have it! Drink in the glorious gamer goodness but don't forget to reply with any additions or ideas of your own! We gamers must stick together and also guide the market towards good ideas...and not bad ideas.
Logging Off,