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The New Guy

Hello everyone! They call me Rawrbagels(real name Michael Morris) and I will be the newest addition to the Just One More Level review team. This post is just to give you quick perspective on me and my gaming background.

Well im 23 and have playing games since I was probably 5 or at least since I can pretty much remember. Ive owned Atari, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Xbox 360. As well as being a big computer gaming guy. So even though I dont always cover the board ive played at least parts of most to all major series in gaming and if you think I have not played one you consider major lemme know and ill check it out! That being said Iike to think I am as qualified as most to do some game reviews and at least express my opinion on said games.

Real quick I will let you know my favorite game ever and how I plan on reviewing games in the future. My favorite game of all time is Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. I personally believe you could not ask more of a single player experience that what that provided at the time. I also believe it helped change and redifine the entire RPG genre and set Bioware up for things like the Mass Effect series and Dragon Age Origins.(we will pretend like DA2 never happened)

But before I go I will give you a quick scale on 1-10 of how I rate games
1: horrible. Offensive to gaming. Games that seem to lack entertainment value to any group. This wont bee seen much.........hopefully
2-3: different levels of really bad. They could be for somebody, but not me or anybody I know. This is what I will give to most games I deem bottom of the barrel
4:bad game. Games that may have had a good idea or intention but fail to execute on some level. I will give this to most games I deem bad but can actually stand to finish.
5:so-so game. If it is just not for me or if there are too many technical issues. It could land here.
6-7:good game.different levels of enjoyment and technical aspects can land a game here in my book.
8-9: Great game! These are games that can go down as classics to be replayed again and again. Games I hope do not fade from memory.
10: Masterpiece.  Games that I cannot ask more of. The type of thing I replay yearly. A very rare but always well deserved award in my book.

Btw I do give .5's such as a 7.5 for a pretty good game.

Well thats all for now.

One again this is Rawrbagels. See you next in my first review


  1. Welcome Rawrbagels. Glad you're writing. I don't know about DA2 so much, I think if it came out first then no one would have complained. But is a major step back as far as content and customization. All for the sake of a "console friendly" control scheme.


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