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Prepping for God of War Ascension

Alright, so I'm waiting on GameStop to open so I can pick up the newest installment in Kratos' stress relieving slaughter-fest. There is also a slight change in Just 1 More Topic that is being kicked around.

As you all know by now, Just1MoreLevel and All Your Show are developing a network centered around gaming. Built for media and entertainment in a way unlike anything before. Long time, personal experience being a gamer, but also having the minds of several different personalities coming together for the common good.

With that being said...there's a lot of trial and error that goes into this. We're experimenting with a multitude of content as I type this. So be looking for new stuff coming soon.

In the mean time, Just 1 More Topic is also experimenting with schedules, discussions and how to keep pressing the right buttons. As for this weeks J1MT episode, it'll be Taborius and myself talking about God of War Ascension and the impact it's made on the industry, but also Sony.