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Just 1 More Topic Episode 12 - All Your Show Invades!!!

This episode is very late. Filmed last Thursday and was suppose to go up on Friday...but things happen and this is a much higher quality episode of Just 1 More Topic. So there is that, thanks goes out to EyesEpicBlue for allowing us to use the recording equipment of Epirus Films (his Oklahoma based film company). He also handled the camera work and ran sound for us. Such an awesome guy.

In episode 12 Taborius and myself are invaded from All Your Show, PharaohWizard16 and TheImmortalMoo sit in to discuss the importance of Used Games sales and do they really have an impact on the industry as a whole. Could GameStop truly be at fault or are the companies complaining about the Pre-Owned market doing just that...complaining? Watch and find out.

Episode 13 will also be going live today, so there is so much J1MT goodness in the world on this busy Monday.